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Death's fascination

Dear Diary, So again today after a somewhat long spell, a patient died during my shift; it is unusual for patients to die in a private practice since doctors are quick to refer bad patients to centres where they have better chances of survival unlike tertiary centres that have nowhere to refer bad patients to. So did I cry? Lolzz…dear diary, you know I didn’t. If tears ever solved a problem, I would have sobbed the Atlantic Ocean considering the issues I have at hand but you know the way it is… Remember my newfound fascination with death? In fact I started writing a book on death before exams came knocking and I had to pause writing my book. Yes, death fascinates me… a lot but you know today when I heard that relative burst into tears, I had to ask myself, “why the tears?” Here I am envying the dead, you are mourning her passing. And again I ask, why? You know I have never really understood why folks mourn the dead. I mean, they are out of this mundane, fraught-with-complexiti


Bags, all packed Waiting…interminably waiting Compelled…a nu path to tread As I hear her footsteps echo in the silence. Melancholy. A new outlook, gained. …misanthropic, In the wake of her footfalls fading… Fading into the black silent night

Chasing after an elusive utopia

Looking up into the starlit sky Wrapped in a cloak of darkness…as waves Waves of bone-chilling gusts…and the fear That insidious cringing fear One owl, calls to another …mockingly Taunting Adam’s heir lost in the wild Stumped! a-wonder! However did I get here! Compass? Sure! Map? Spot-on! Or so I thought… Again, I hear- tis the owl’s mocking call Lost! Lost! Lost! The gods didn’t receive? Immolations of the past… Denials of the Now… All…lost in the pursuit of an elusive utopia Wave after roiling wave of thoughts… Then, it hits home! There was never someplace so-called… It’s all a mirage... It’s all a lie. Or was it?

Home isn't four walls and a door

Two eyes Alight… And a smile Two eyes Searching… As they look into mine And a hug… an epistle, wordless Promise me You won’t be long Two eyes Misty… and longing as I walk out the door In time, You learn Home isn’t four walls and a door It is the clatter of little feet And two eyes and a smile Glad you made it back


If thoughts are raindrops, glistening like diamonds in the glare of the sunlight, then I’m drenched in a deluge a deluge of you… You are my strength so I never grow weak You are the treasure that found me! Our Love is worth the world-and more, Yet you gave it free! Remember fireflies? Fireflies dancing in the afterglow of a  dimly lit camp in the dead of the night? I am as one of such- drawn I am irresistibly To your bright and shining light. If thoughts truly disentangle themselves Over the lips and through the fingertips, morph into words, then a library I’ll write!...a library expositing the awesome wonder you are!