Chasing after an elusive utopia

Looking up into the starlit sky
Wrapped in a cloak of darkness…as waves
Waves of bone-chilling gusts…and the fear
That insidious cringing fear

One owl, calls to another …mockingly
Taunting Adam’s heir lost in the wild

Stumped! a-wonder! However did I get here!
Compass? Sure! Map? Spot-on!

Or so I thought…
Again, I hear- tis the owl’s mocking call

Lost! Lost! Lost!
The gods didn’t receive?
Immolations of the past…
Denials of the Now…
All…lost in the pursuit of an elusive utopia

Wave after roiling wave of thoughts…
Then, it hits home!
There was never someplace so-called…

It’s all a mirage...

It’s all a lie.

Or was it?