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The Triumph of an Unanswered Prayer

The Christian life is an interesting one where we know that we serve a loving God who is all-powerful, all-knowing and who wants the very best for us; this understanding of our relationship with God and His divine attributes are the basis of faith and the reason why we pray, knowing that he hears us and according to His word, we will have all that we ask of Him. However, things become problematic when trouble comes, sickness comes knocking on the door or death strikes; we pray believing God for a way out and sometimes, the pain leaves, the sickness is healed and the dead is raised but some other times, irrespective of how much we pray, how many people pray or how much faith we release, it seems almost as if we are praying to a dead God who neither sees our pains nor hears our cry for help. It is in those times that we experience a crisis of faith and have to reconsider all that we have ever believed in light of what the Bible says and the circumstances of our life that seem unch