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Rethinking our Apologetic: Explaining our Faith to Sceptics. By Okunrotifa Adedayo

Introduction . A prominent Atheist, or should I say, an ‘anti-christian’ i know posted a photo that had this portion of  scripture on his wall on facebook. Deuteronomy 23:13-14 “And when you relieve yourself ,dig a hole and cover your excrement so that God will not see among you anything indecent and turn away from you. Then, he captioned it with this comment: "unholy Shit (Feaces). Many bible readers have never considered this part and many Christian don’t practice this even in their villages. Don’t let your God see your shit or he will turn away from you, imagine a holy God your shit can turn away, ha ha ha. Plus, how can one hide something from a god that is supposed to be everywhere and knows everything? Silly bible writers!" His comment got Christians responding, and to my amazement, instead of bringing light to the him, so he might understand (even if he doesn’t want to agree, at least it will get him to shut up) they chose to give some stereotypic replies lik