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A Portrait of a Spiritual Implosion

Introduction Two stories form an epilogue to the book of Judges, they serve as illustrations of the spiritual and social climate of the nation Israel during the time of the judges. The first is told in Judges 17 and 18  and while the events of the story happened in the very early days of Israel as a nation, they contain profound insights for us even today. Exposition A. The Ignorance of a Family (Jud 17:1-6) The story begins as all good stories do with a family, a family where God’s name was honoured and where there was a desire to worship him. As we begin, we are introduced to Micah (translated, “Who is like Yahweh?”) a man who had stolen more than a thousand silver coins from his mother who, unhappy about her loss had placed a curse on the thief, not knowing the culprit was her own son. Thankfully, after some time most likely labouring under the guilt of his actions and fear of the potency of his mother’s curse, he restored the stolen money. Joyfully, his mother who named her son af