The Ultimate Answer!

There is a question whose answer I believe has eluded humanity for a long time despite our vigorous search for it; it is the question of the purpose of life. The “Whys” of our existence, the reason why children are born, live some years and then die; as a collective whole, all of humanity seeks answers to these questions- how did we get here, what are we to do while we are here, is there something else beyond the now, etc.

In a bid to answer these questions, we have devised different philosophies and religions that purport to help us have a handle on life and understand to some extents, the questions of life. The only problem is while all of our human inventions- culture, education, religion, philosophy, wealth etc give us a semblance of civilization and wisdom we are still wanting. Diseases are still here, social problems abound, relationships do not last, wars break out between civilized nations and savage tribes alike. Ultimately, our questions still remain unanswered.

There is this spiritual thirst- this hunger raging in our breasts- this need for meaning and try as we may, physical means like education and family and good jobs or possessions will not quench this hunger. Like Augustine prayed many years ago our heart is restless until it finds its rest in God; Paul the apostle while speaking to Athenian philosophers on Mars Hill described this primeval need that man has for God as strong as a child’s need for his father if not even stronger.

There is a vacuum in man, God-sized and only God can fill it; to a lot of people however, God seems so obscure, unreal or at best far away and unconcerned about puny humanity but others have overcome the obstacles of man-made religion and have heard God’s call and heeded it. True meaning you see is in hearing God’s ultimate call in Jesus Christ and heeding it. Like Jesus himself said, it is in him (Jesus)that God is made plain as day and it is by him that we touch God and only in him do we have any hope of pursuing any meaningful personal relationship with God.

I know that sounds incredible! The very notion of God and man in a relationship! Incredible though it is, that is the message of the Bible that God in all his almightiness stoops to our level as humanity calls us unto himself and elevates us to his own level and together, we carry on a relationship. The answer we have sought all our lives is Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life and the rest we seek for our souls is found in him.